Remember Your Grandma

Isn't She Lovely

Isn’t She Lovely

Mother’s Day has recently passed. I hope you had time to visit your Grandma. Or think about her if she’s no longer with us. It’s a funny time for me. I am a Grandma myself and this Mother’s Day, I found myself juggling time to be with my own children and grandchildren, as well as visiting my mother. And of course my kids and grandkids visited with Great Grandma. In our family, we are fortunate to have four generations. So much history to be shared!

Our mom enjoys sharing her pictures with us. How foreign the clothing and hairstyles seem! She records who they are and the dates, so our family history will be preserved.

The stories which go with the pictures are ours for the asking. But you have to ask. And we do. If you have a Grandma, go see her. And ask her a question.

Happy Mother's Day

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