Unlock the power of emotional memory

share stories and life review

Share stories with family and friends

You think you know somebody… until you’ve had the opportunity to play LifeTimes. LifeTimes’ unique, creative memory prompts invite stories you’ve probably never heard before. For family members young and old, there is always a story to be told.


Enhance friendships within senior communities

Seniors discover and enjoy personal histories through reminiscence and story telling while playing Lifetimes. Friendships blossom and a sense of community is created.


Deepen connections between caregivers and the elderly

For caregivers, Lifetimes provides a simple and stimulating conversation tool for easily getting to know someone. Lifetimes’ questions prompt stories from days gone by – for small groups, large groups, or individual play.

spark social engagement

Spark social engagement

LifeTimes is fun! Most people who play LifeTimes can’t wait to play again as they retrieve and share memories of times gone by. Let LifeTimes’ evocative, vintage photos and heartwarming memory prompts take you on a journey back in time.

stimulate memory

Stimulate memory

Our engaging questions and prompts are designed to access different aspects of memory. Call up a simple bit of trivia. Relive a personal moment. Invite storytelling and stimulate meaningful conversation.

family history

Enrich memoir writing and family legacy

Have you ever thought about writing a memoir or preserving family stories? Lifetimes provides prompts designed to help you unlock the richness of your own family history.


lifetimes sisters blog

The Sisters Welcome to the LifeTimes Sisters Blog
April 14, 2014
We are sisters, Mary Jane and Carol Mcphee, co-creators of Lifetimes the Game of Reminiscence and our new iPhone and iPad App “LifeTimesTalk”. Three years ago we noticed a decline in our 88 year old mother’s short term memory and […]
Lots of interest and discussion! LifeTimes Sisters At The Ontario Gerontology Conference
April 14, 2014
This past week, the LifeTimes Sisters took their show on the road and set up at the annual Ontario Gerontology Association Conference in Toronto. We were able to showcase and demonstrate our new APP, LifeTimes TALK, as well as our […]
A Bouquet to Volunteers Happy Volunteer Week
April 6, 2014
As a kid, coming home from school and smelling cinnamon buns was not a good thing. There would be a gorgeous pan of delicious looking buns dripping with icing and sprinkled with nuts sitting on the kitchen counter. We knew […]
March 21, 2014
I’ve begun to view life in thirty year chunks. Recently my daughter and I took her baby girl to visit Grandma. And there we all were. Baby is one, daughter is 30, I am almost sixty and Mom is pushing […]
IMG_5706 Best Friends
February 20, 2014
Best Friends 
 You are never too old to have a best friend. Mom and her best friend are proof of this. They both recently celebrated their 89th birthdays. That’s one hundred and seventy eight years of life between them. […]